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Black Nonbelievers: An Interview with Adebowale Ojowuro

November 12, 2011

An interview with Adebowale Ojowuro: Author of Echoes of Common Sense

by Mandisa Lateefah Thomas, President of Black Nonbelievers

First posted on Black Nonbelievers.Org  November 10, 2011



Adebowale Ojowuro, a native of Nigeria, is the author of The Crisis of Religion and Echoes of Common Sense. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with him about his literary work, as well as the important role he plays in the freethought movement through his writing and activism. Enjoy!!!

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What is the motive behind the title of your latest book—Echoes of Common Sense—and what special stories have you shared with readers in the new book?

Let’s admit it, common sense is undoubtedly the major casualty in religious aspects of human life. Despite being at liberty to exercise the aptness of reason, the fundamental theology that binds humanity to religious beliefs continues fallible. It’s mind boggling to conceive how recurrent ignorance from past ages still largely compels complacent imbecility upon modern humans. This, openly, has become a disturbing question for ethics in several communities of rational minds. It is upon this alarming spectacle of irresponsible ignorance—that I yet again decide to echo another voice of reason, from a bleeding heart that’s been harrowed by the foulness of religion, to kindle the common sense of the people to the decency of holding the right belief.  Read More…

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  1. Omolade Iluyomade permalink
    November 20, 2011 7:13 pm

    This is wonderful! In fact I never thought there ever would be a time when any Nigerian would be able to think along the direction of critical thinking as Adebowale has demonstrated in this interview. Africans need to wake up to the fact that their obsessive devotion to religion will continue to produce very big disappointments, which will never take them anywhere, because religion is a scam that stemmed out of grand deception. Therefore our people should heed the wise advise and do less of religion… Every society in the civilized world has basically relegated religious practices into trivial activities. It will equally be wise for Africans to relegate religion into insignificant activity in their respective nations. Thanks for this edifying interview, Adebowale

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