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October 15, 2011


(Excerpts from the 5th Chapter of Echoes of Common Sense)


Adebowale Ojowuro

“Wandering in a vast forest at night, I have only a faint light to guide me. A stranger appears and says to me: ‘my friend, you should blow out your candle in order to find your way more clearly.’ This stranger is a theologian.”  

− Denis Diderot

Organized religions contrive to make the universe a blind alley for the entire human race. Over the human world, complacent imbecility reigns supreme; as ethical science and wisdom that stand for irrefragable logic suffocates under the folly of religion. Beyond words blossom the dogmas of popular superstitions in every part of our communal society. Those in whom the faculty of reason is vital solution and means to the advancement of human civilization struggle for recognition amid the dominant influence of preachers who propagate nothing but outmoded customs and traditional beliefs of uneducated worshippers.

Today, the entire world yearns for more light, but the faith mentality unreasonably suppresses the premium that nature and common sense constantly places on reality. That, which we consider universal enlightenment and call reason, the despotism of faith unfairly subjugates for the hag of superstitious belief and ancient system of theism. The big claim by ignorant men who pretend to be oracle of God on earth excites the reverence and cheerful gratification of humankind far greater than the deeper fact that pragmatism best indicates in the philosophy of insight and scientific knowledge.

The iron grip of organized religion forbids that old things should pass away; it is thus written. Ancient theologies and worship of the old still lamentably dominate the control of human lives and rule their world in the 21st century civilization. In religion resides the Dark Age with mankind.

As far as we can trace the natural history of theology, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Sanskrit, the Torah, the Quran, and the Bible, etc, are not by any means Holy Scriptures. They are altogether a bunch of historical records, written by primitive men—savages who told tribal versions of events that entrench bigotry and intolerance, unruly deeds and violence, including hatred, brutality, and slavery into the culture of humankind at the fabricated commands of the imaginary gods of antiquity.                                                            

It’s out of the ordinary to imagine how unrestrained fallacies of pious men, in their despicable con job of heralding spurious ‘word of God’ to others, have made persistent mockery of the human race through all ages. Imagine how thinkers and men of astute nobility can no longer find a new emphasis of their own amid repressive rule of faith that saddles their critical faculties with the domination of absurd and contradictory theologies; which of course, can be so easily proven false by any adolescent schoolboy. It’s much baffling to imagine how humans can no longer think for themselves in their own world.

Just imagine how the despotism of faith has built extensive territories of gullible bigots across the length and breadth of the blue planet. If we should ask ourselves, what precisely are the benefits of the mental cruelties that program countless heads all over the globe into believing embroidered myths that are totally untrue? Of what gain does it profit humanity when organized religions compel the worship of fictionalized gods upon the general populace? As far as the generally accepted history of religion is concerned, where exactly has the journey of dogmatic belief systems led humanity, except for the business of propheteering and fattening the wallets of preachers and proponents of religious trades?

The enduring mental manipulations that fill the heads of little kids with the dogmas of the greatest lies of all times, and preset infants long before they could either reflect or think wisely, into subjective believers of popular superstition called the ‘word of God in print’ clearly depict the suppressive nature of faith. The very essence of this despotic propensity goes all out to show how organized religions commonly covet for no autonomous logical thoughts, born out of one’s own reflective convictions, to ever exist in this world; and for every sound mind in whom the rational mentality is truly alive to perish with the logic of his/her personal intellect. In fact, I am sincerely at a loss to conceive how the commission of this infamous system of suppression has been of any significant benefit to the progress of human civilization. My early childhood indoctrination into the Christian religion culminates into the study of nothing but a confused fable, featuring the character of a mythical, three-headed ‘supernatural God’ who is a lead actor and commander-in-chief of brutal wars amongst earthling creatures; together with gullible obedience that is inconsistent with freethought. Who can imagine what the world has lost by the evil execution of this notorious plot of dominating the minds of the world’s most valuable future resources with mountains of theological gibberish?   Read More….

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